Cashmere HD


  • Mattress height: 24 cm
  • Maximum load: 130 kg
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Vacuum packed (for easier transport)


  • Sewn into a 2 cm thick memory cover CASHMERE
  1. 5 cm thick, extraordinarily compact memory foam with a density of 60 kg/m3
  2. 11 cm thick, highly flexible cold foam divided into 7 ergonomic zones (density of 40 kg/m3, pressure of 4.8 kPa)
  3. 5 cm thick, highly flexible HR foam (density of 35 kg/m3, pressure of 3.6 kPa)
  • CASHMERE cover


CASHMERE HD is a premium product within the Best Dream mattresses line designated for those who need the comfort provided by the Memory HD foam and HR cold foam. This mattress perfectly adapts to the body shape, allowing resting in a natural and relaxed position, which means better blood circulation, less frequent turning around and a better sleep quality. Distribution of the body weight across the bed area is equal. The most important role of this mattress is to adapt to the body, not the opposite. When you sleep on the CASHMERE HD mattress, your spine, hands and legs rest in a natural position, releasing muscles and nerves and creating a comfort and relaxed position for perfect sleep.



Special anti-allergic fabric woven from cotton and silver fibres. These materials allowed developing of an extraordinarily soft and velvet cover fabric providing a high-comfort feeling.