Memory topper

Memory Topper (fedőmatrac)

  • Density: 50 kg/m3
  • Topper height: 4 cm
  • General Warranty
  • Vacuum packed

Memory Topper has been developed to increase the comfort of sleep, to improve the hard or otherwise unpleasant surface. Without a need for a mattress replacement, this Memory Topper makes for better higher quality sleep. The 4 cm memory foam has a density of 50 kg/m³ and perfectly adapts to the body. It optimally stabilizes the bed.

The mattress cover is anti-allergenic, removable and washable.

(The hue of the cloth and its way of incorporation may differ from the pattern used in the picture.)

Memory foam

This special foam whose hardness changes depending on the temperature of the body. Mattress reacts to heat, and so perfectly adapts to the curves of the body. Thanks to its properties, it helps to evenly distribute the body weight throughout the bed, optimally supporting it, is benefitial to blood circulation and allows for perfect relaxation throughout the night.