Bio Soya Wave

Bio Soya Wave párna

  • Dimensions: 11-13 cm
  • Height: 72 × 42 cm
  • General Warranty


Pillow is a specially made 100% natural product that contains natural soy extracts.

The soap-shaped pillow perfectly matches the anatomical requirements for head and neck support, allowing for perfect rest during sleep. An anatomic pillow perfectly supports the neck, head and shoulder muscles, thereby keeping the entire back in the right anatomical position. Both SOYA pillows are pleasantly fragrant with a guarantee of natural and healthy sleep.



The cover’s fabric is made of special carbon, silver-covered fibers and soy extract, and is 100% anti-allergenic. The use of the three specialty materials and their excellent properties is a guarantee not only of particularly high quality but their combined effect creates unmatched functional harmony and comfort.


  • Carbon allows to drain electrostatic charges
  • Silver provides natural protection against bacteria and mites, ensuring high bed hygiene.
  • Soy is a natural plant raw material, silky soft to the touch, perfectly drains moisture and provides perfect thermoregulation in every season.