Extra Soft


  • Dimensions: 12 cm
  • Height: 72 x 42 cm
  • General Warranty

A pillow that is very soft to the touch. Created from the unique innovative Gel Foam, it specially adapts to the shape of your head and neck. Furthermore, it helps to optimally and naturally support your body during sleep. After use, the pillow returns to its original shape, it does not succumb to deformation. Thanks to its perforated structure, it will provide you with adequate and hygienic ventilation.


The fibers in the mattress covers contain microcapsules that help prevent unpleasant odor and keep the mattress fresh and hygienic. Neutralizing capabilities of the new Bayscent fabric attack unpleasant odor, which, under extreme conditions, can sink deep into the fabric of the cover. The movement of the body before falling asleep ensures the release of the extracts found in the microcapsules, which ultimately relieve the unpleasant odor caused by excessive sweating during sleep.