• Mattress height: 20 cm
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Warranty: 12 years
  • Vacuum packed


With its elasticity this mattress provides sufficient support and position of the body, without being too hard. Thanks to its optimal stiffness, it can relax the muscles and aid optimal blood circulation. One side of the mattress is made of natural MERINO sheep wool, which has many health and healing effects. It perfectly maintains its shape, ensuring the ideal relaxing position of the body and providing maximum comfort.


  1. cover 100% sheep wool winter side
  2. antiallergic layer
  3. breathable elastic layer
  4. density 18 cm orthopedic polyurethane core 30 kg/m3, 3.8 kPa pressure
  5. SOFT CARE cover summer side
  6. 3D Breathable material




It is fine as silk. The fabric is made of special viscous fibers and is completely biodegradable. Its electrostatic charge is minimal. Soft Care lends the cover extraordinary intricacy and softness, is pleasant to touch, ensuring freshness and comfort during sleep.