Memory Bamboo


  • Mattress height: 20 cm
  • Maximum load: 110 kg
  • Warranty: 12 years
  • Vacuum packed


An excellent mattress with a Memoy Foam surface layer. Bamboo mattress is comfortable because it supports the entire body evenly and perfectly adapts to it thanks to the unique properties of the orthopedic memory foam. It ensures natural and healthy sleep, prevents pain in neck, back and the lumbar area.


  1. Bamboo cover is removable, washable at 60 °C
  2. Anti-allergic core
  3. Jersey
  4. Breathable elastic layer
  5. 4 cm memory foam (50 kg/m3 density)
  6. 14 cm polyurethane foam (30 kg/m3, 5.0 kPa pressure)
  7. 3D Breathable material


Mattress cover is made of cotton fabric with bamboo fiber, which ensures protection against mold, fungi and microorganisms. It helps to regulate the temperature of the body, keeping it cool in the summer and enjoyable in the winter because it even removes moisture whilst keeping the mattress perfectly dry. The mattress cover is equipped with a zipper, is removable and washable at 60 °C.

Memory foam

A special type of foam material whose hardness changes depending on the temperature of the body. Mattress reacts to heat, and so perfectly adapts to the curves of the body. Thanks to its properties, it helps to evenly distribute the body weight throughout the bed, optimally supporting it, being conducive to good blood circulation and allowing for the perfect rest throughout the night.