Memory Comfort


  • Mattress height: 20 cm
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Warranty: 8 years
  • Vacuum packed


Excellent mattress, thanks to the elasticity of cold foam and the unique features of Memory Foam, sewn into the cover at the depth of 2 cm, it perfectly adapts to your body. It relaxes the muscles of the whole body and promotes blood circulation. The mattress allows you to position your body properly and enjoy perfect rest throughout the night.


  1. Mattress cover – BAYGARD®
  2. 2 cm Memory layer (50 kg/m³) sewn into the outer cover
  3. Breathable elastic layer
  4. 17 cm orthopedic polyurethane, density of 30 kg/m3, 3.8 kPa pressure
  5. 3D Breathable material



Provides long-lasting protection against dust and mites, while perfectly repeling moisture. Threads of the cover are coated with a transparent protective layer to repel dirt, which prevents fading and congealing of the fabric, ensuring proper air circulation and ventilation.


Memory foam

A special type of foam whose hardness changes based on body temperature. The mattress reacts to heat, and so perfectly adapts to the curves of the body. Thanks to its properties, it helps to evenly distribute the body weight throughout the bed, supports the body, promotes blood circulation and allows for perfect relaxation throughout the night.